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Our Events

Yellow Ladybugs runs social events for autistic girls and gender diverse individuals, generally between the ages of five and sixteen, in an inclusive, fun and sensory-friendly setting. Our events cater for different interests, experiences and abilities. Popular events include special interest-based sessions such as Harry Potter, Minecraft, slime-making and coding. Our unstructured and outdoor events include exclusive and sensory-friendly sessions at trampoline parks, climbing centres, circus schools, pools and fun parks. We also enjoy exclusive access to a number premier venues including art galleries, museums, zoos, planetariums and aquariums. Our arts and crafts events are also popular and feature regularly on our events calendar. In keeping with the birthday party theme, all our events finish with lolly bags and cupcakes.

Yellow Ladybugs is an Australian-based organisation and we offer events in Melbourne, Ballarat, Canberra and Sydney. Approximately 200 autistic girls attend our events each month, across these four locations.

In February 2020, Yellow Ladybugs was required to put a pause on holding physical face-to-face events, due to restrictions around events and gatherings in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the remainder of 2020 we have continued to run online social events, open to the members of our four active regional chapters. Planning is currently underway to resume physical events, in accordance with relevant COVID-19 safety requirements, in 2021.

Current Events