Spotlight On: Supporting the Mental Health of Autistic Girls and Gender Diverse Young People

This is potentially the first free resource of its kind. A neuro-affirming, autistic developed and informed resource, to support the mental health of autsitic girls and autistic gender diverse young people. Developed by Yellow Ladybugs together with investment from the Department of Education Victoria, and in collaboration with autistic adults parents, teachers, allied health professionals and academic researchers. This document is free to download, but if you find value in it, and wish to give back, we encourage a small donation for to help us continue this valuable work. This guide will:

  • Delve into the complexities of mental health and wellbeing of autistic girls and gender-diverse students
  • Highlight some of the challenges when it comes to the mental health of autistic young people
  • Provide practical strategies for how parents and schools can help support improved mental wellbeing of autistic girls/students and encourage positive autistic identity
  • Draw on personal, professional and academic knowledge with an emphasis on lived autistic experience
  • Amplify, empower and validate the diversity of all autistic experiences

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